EP110 Conspiracies Of GOVT & Church

Count Drac starts off the episode and Michael cracks a dad joke 🙄. Sean is settling into his new recording studio and promises to send Michael some Magic Dust from 17th BBQ. Prayers for the passengers of the Diamond Princess ship that is quarantined in Japan. Which leads to a conspiracy theory discussion of its … Continue reading EP110 Conspiracies Of GOVT & Church

EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus

Sean has recovered from a bad bug of sorts...sorry we missed our Sunday EP. We shout-out the prez of the fan clubs B-day. Happy Birthday Laurel!   It’s black history month. We kinda talk about it...but not really. Then we talk about the Coronavirus. Is the cure Hot Totties? We don’t know....but we’ll try it … Continue reading EP109 Black History Month & Coronavirus

EP104 The Writing On The Wall

It’s not a matter of how many drinks you’ve had, but how stiff you make them. It’s also how you can avoid getting sick. Sean has a daily trick to prevent illness, it’s a little more healthy than Michael’s. Michael is still without hot water...which prompts a “Would You Rather”. The boys turn to last … Continue reading EP104 The Writing On The Wall