UnChurched: / ˌənˈCHərCHt/ People who are not connected to a church.


So who are we anyway?

We’re glad you asked! UnChurched Podcast is hosted by friends Michael Hines and Sean David. Their passion for Christ and utter confusion (and more often than not, frustration 🤬) of church in todays american culture fuels a lot of their conversations. Thats not to say they hate church. On the contrary! They love the body of Christ and wish to see it operate more like the Bible teaches. Don’t be misled, Michael and Sean are churched. Their entire lives actually. Thats part of it all. The fact is at some point they took a look around and asked some serious questions. Why isn’t the church more like Jesus? Why is church outdated? Why do most churches push others away rather than draw them in. Why does the church seem to have so much judgement towards everyone. Towards everything?!


Somewhere in the questioning they realized a few things. One of those was that it might be beneficial to examine the organization that they were so involved in and decide if in fact they should be involved at all. Shaking in your boots yet? Or to use christianeze… shaking your faith at all ? 🙄 Their aim is not to cause anyone to stumble or loose their faith. Nor to banish the church from america. No. Their aim is simply to re-examine church and church culture in their society. Maybe then the church will grow and flourish and actually proclaim the good news without judgement.

So, if you’re interested and would like to join the journey, follow along! All are welcome. Be a part of the UnChurched.



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